Workshop Success for Christmas 2018

Although Christmas now seems a rather distant memory I would like to share the photos from
my other workshops.  Dorothy, Jenni, Linda, Louise, Marion, Elaine, Susie, Sheila, Helen and Susan all came for a morning of creativity, making wreaths for their doors.
This year, as well a lots of different types of natural foliage, we included fir cones, cinnamon sticks, orange slices,  the lovely crab apples of Red Sentinel and finished with ribbon. Some of the girls added touches of gold and silver. or sparkle on the ivy seed heads and everyone went away saying they had really enjoyed themselves……..

On Saturday 15th December I held an all day workshop and here are Selina, Anne, Liz, Nadine, Nicola and Rachel with their mornings achievement.
Sara and Hazel also made lovely wreaths although they are not in the photo.
In the afternoon, having enjoyed a lunch of salmon quiche, salads, new potatoes, fruit salad and prosecco,
everyone did a table arrangement with a central ivory chunky candle and seasonal foliage.
Whilst some preferred to keep their arrangements entirely natural, several of the girls had fun with spraying and glittering, poppy and lotus heads,
dried hydrangeas, faux silk roses and germini, gold sequined pears, wire balls,  black midolino sticks and gold wire and ribbons.
The photo shows Nicola, Selina and Rachel putting in their finishing touches.

I’ve already got lots of ideas for next Christmas including using lots more of the little astrantias (lady’s pin cushion), which looked absolutely super sprayed with a dusting of silver glitter, the lovely colours of gravillia, white and pink snow berries and silvery foliage.   Details later in the year!………

..The photo shows an example of a table arrangement I did, using the
materials described,  from which everyone could take ideas…..