About Me

Shaw Lane Flowers is an independent floral design business based near Kings Bromley, Lichfield.

Established in 2002 by Joy Fielding, we delight in bringing eye-catching and distinctive designs to enhance your wedding or special event.

The bright reds of amaryllis, exotic luxury of Birds of Paradise, spikey blues of a delphinium and bristling green of thistles – with such variety and textures available in flowers and foliage from around the world, is it any wonder that floral design is so varied and stunningly beautiful.

I love the colour, patterns and fragrances in flower arranging, and the challenge in producing unique designs. The pleasure, for me, comes from the reaction of the host as the displays lift the atmosphere of the room – or response of the bride as she sees her bouquet for the first time.

With over 20 years of experience in floristry, and before studying design, I have always loved to create beautiful things. I understand the impact flowers can have on a room, both visually and through scent. I am always on hand to discuss design ideas and with you to juggle vision with budget.

I’m often asked what I would choose. I don’t have a favourite, as every wedding is so different. If I was to marry today, it would be natural ’slightly wild’ hand-tied bouquet with pale pink and lilac roses, creamy peonies, trailing summer jasmine, lisianthus and stocks, tied with lace or tailing ribbons and a sparkle of diamante.

Whatever effect you want, from sensual romance to that elusive ‘wow’ factor, contact me today to arrange a consultation and bring your dream to life.